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Itchy Trigger Finger II


Alma Bottom Black Victor
Bjorklunds Blond Beech's

• July 7, 1997 to Jan 31, 2007 •

Trigger you weren't the fastest weren't the best marking dog (eye injury as a pup)...but you were my most loyal dog. He was never titled...I ran him with the CPR twice and he passed upland both times. When we got to the water, he picked up the first mark but the second mark was farther out and he just didn't push out deep enough. He would have done anything for me and did more than once. You had desire like no other...I could not keep him inside his dog kennel or a pet porter if I was leaving him in the pickup to train or to hunt birds. He would just bust his way out. I learned that lesson when he was about a year and a half old. It was just him, and he was in a pet porter in the back of the pickup. I saw a pheasant in the ditch...I jumped out and shot it and he landed about 20 yards inside the fence. I decided I would just get the bird myself. I crossed the fence and I heard a whimper, a whine, and KABLAM! Trigger hit the door of the pet porter and literally shattered that thing into pieces. From then on he only stayed in that pet porter because HE wanted to. I'll never forget you Trigger...never...

Trigger, I miss big son of a gun. I'll see you in heaven when we will get to hunt together again.






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