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A note from her owner.. 

It's finally over, I made another trip to KS this weekend.  I hunted Saturday & about 2 hours on Sunday. We got 4 birds on public land only, missed another two...........lots of hens, warm/dry weather, & running roosters.
Xena did great.  She locked up on about a dozen birds, many hens, but all the roosters I shot were pointed by her.  She flushed a couple of pheasants, but after I got up close to where she was pointing.  
I gotta be honest, she's really come into her own this last month.  She covers a hell of a lot of ground (I've been letting her range quite a bit), but if a bird is holding tight she seems to be too.
Just thought I'd give you an update on one of your "children"!

November 16, 2010


One more quick update on Xena.

She’s now a little over 4 years old, spoiled rotten, house dog, sleeps on the bed, rides in the back seat, you know the story.

We went to Kansas last weekend for opening weekend. We have not hunted since January, other than a couple of dove hunts. Nothing has changed. She is a pointing fool, & retrieving is a given! Quail, pheasants, it does not matter. On our last day, on one of her many points, we decided to wait & see how long she would hold point. She waited, the other dogs arrived, two black labs, a vizla, & a Brittany. She held point, never moving, with 4 other dogs in front of her, searching for the bird. It was a hen, about 10-15 feet in front of her, but fun to watch….it seemed like it lasted a couple of minutes, but probably wasn’t that long.

Thanks for one hell of a hunting dog!



December 19, 2010


We hunted Thursday - Saturday in Kansas. Public land, wild birds only. Limited out on Thursday, two birds Friday in a very short day, yes I missed one. On Saturday, I wasn't going to hunt, dogs were pretty beat down & Xena's pads were raw, but decided we would hit one field before driving home. We went into the field just a little after 7:00 AM, had a limit @ 8:20. It might have been earlier, but I got caught with a camera in one hand & a gun in the other when the bird flushed.............needless to say, I let one get away, again. Total for the weekend, 10 roosters, two tired dogs, make that three! Birds were really skittish, after being pushed around for the first two weeks of the season.

Xena had one rooster she must have pointed 6-8 different times. It kept moving, she would re-position & re-establish point. When it finally flushed, I took a shot & just nicked it. It flew about 100 yards or so, Xena chased it down, pointed for a few seconds, then it flushed. This happened probably 4 times before she finally decided to take matters into her own hands. Pretty enjoyable to watch!

Enjoy the pictures, she's finally put on a little weight, but probably no more the 60 pounds or so.





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