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Fords High Octane Hannah


Owned by Dave

Jason Wallace (Final Approach Retrievers) said this about Hannah...
"LeRoy, you have produced the best puppy I have ever seen."

Hannah is still doing great. Watch her in the future. She will be getting titles in '06.
David is doing a great job with her!

Hannah is now 2 for 2 master passes at 13 months of age...very impressive.

A few notes from Dave... 
"Hey LeRoy! I hope all is well up there. It's been a couple of weeks since we talked and I wanted to give you a "Hannah" update. Bottom line: she is awesome! I've probably been pushing her a littler harder than I should, but she has so much natural talent, attention, drive, and trainability that I can't help it. She's running 75 yard land marks in slight cover (mowed fields that are about 8-9" high now.) She's digging bumpers out of 4' high cover around the edges of a pond I train on. She's doing LONG water swims to retrieve bumpers up on the opposite shore. Stuff that I never would have DREAMED of doing with my other lab at this age. Today I just started doing some really simple 3 handed casting drills. She was doing great at "sit" and remaining in position until released so I started throwing 15 yard bumpers to the over and back positions. It amazes me how quickly she is picking everything up. To say that Jen and I are pleased with her is an understatement."


June 19, 2006 – 13 months old
"Hey Leroy. Just wanted to give you a shout. Hannah is doing really well still. I ran her in an AKC senior test today and she got a pass (loooked awesome and was by far the youngest in the test). I ran her as bye dog this week in a series of master and she smoked that too. I'll let you know how next weekend goes. Hope all is well."



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