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A note from the owner...

Hi Leroy,

Just thought I would pass along some of Buddy's efforts last week - he quarter's back and forth like he has been doing it for years. Points for a while, but the birds here run like crazy so typically the points don't last long, unless the bird sits tight, which is rare. He definitely has the scent down and hunts really well. We hunt for several hours at a crack, walking a couple of miles, and I am sure Buddy runs 10 miles so much energy. In his first hunting season, he has done ducks, geese and pheasants, and he loves every minute of it - it is such a pleasure hunting with him. The only bad part, is that we can't do it every day. He has become a part of our family, a great hunting companion, and I can't wait to keep working with him over the years as he gets more experience. He really is a special dog.




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