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CPR TDK's Blue Hunter Rose Lady Jasmine


A note from his owner...


The Jazmanian she-devil probably had her best day hunting to date yesterday; as far as finding and pointing birds.

I think the snow on the ground helped a ton.

Had a couple of guys down from Minneapolis. Had been a pretty slow start to the day. Got a few hens up and had a few flushing wild way out in front but not much shooting opportunity. Then Thor went on point. Sophie came in and flushed. Didn’t shoot because I was at a lower elevation and both Thor and Jimmy were in my line of fire. Anyway the flushed bird brought Jazzy back over to my side of the waterway. We started following some fresh tracks on the edge of the waterway along some corn stalks. Jazzy got a whif and put her nose to the ground and hit high gear. She listens pretty good in the field so I was able to slow her down and quarter her around a couple times with just a beep. Anyway we get to a corner and Jazz locks up. I’m looking around and still see the tracks. I take a couple more steps and the tracks stop. Very light cover. Jazz still locked up but I’m thinking the bird had flown. I kick around a little then I see a tail feather. Jazz still locked. Never flinched, think I could almost have picked that one up before it flushed.. Then Jazz’s nose was just on fire , a few phantom points and a lot of hens but she was cookin. Dropped a lightly hit bird where she couldn’t see the fall in some big blue stem. Thor went in but came back without the bird. Heeled him and sent him to where I thought the fall was. By then Jazz was on it. Bird up and looking around and Jazz locked on point. Not sure why she didn’t snatch him but I was tickled watching her. Thor then came in and cleaned up.

Anyway it was Jazz’s finest work to date. One of the guys hunting with me was a guy I referred to you and Andy earlier this fall. (Dan Rolfe) His old lab is really slowin down. He and his buddy both were impressed with the point outta Thor and Jazz. They had seen Thor at work before but not Jazz. May have a pup sold if he decides not to go with a started dog. Prob wrong color for him but might not be issue anymore.



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