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TDK Pups

Here are some comments from owners of pups from our litters.
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MACH PACH TDK's Master of the Summit


Owned by Dee Crofton


May 2014


As Caper is approaching his 11th birthday I thought I might update you a bit. This weekend he got his 10th and 11th double Q for this PACH2, a title I hope to complete before fall. He just keeps qualifying and qualifying and only occasionally shows his wilder side by taking an off course. I really want another dog next year, though my husband thinks two is enough and believes Caper will live forever because I take such good care of him.

I know you have not updated his titles recently, but he keeps getting more and more, he finished another one this weekend, for getting 50 qualifying scores in standard agility. He continues to be my once in a life time dog. I still thank you every day for this special boy.

Dee Crofton


September 12, 2010

Here is a picture from today. How can I thank you for such a special dog. He is the best dog I can ever imagine having. He is willing do almost anything I ask, as long as he gets to swim and retrieve in the end. Today is a day I have dreamt about for years, it is hard to believe it actually happened, but I have this huge ribbon over my desk right now to prove it. So I guess you need to update his name. He also earned his AgN and AgNJ in Canada this summer, but the MACH is something I thought would never happen, especially after last year when I hurt my back and couldn’t run. I am so proud of him, he did the work that I asked of him, I hope he knows what a special day today is.
After losing my 2 older dogs this last year, Cuyler 1 year ago and Quincy at 16 one month ago, this is something that makes me so happy. If it were not for the 2 of them, I probably would never have decided to get a Lab like Caper. Thank you so much for letting me have this wonderful boy.
Dee and MACH Caper


I have had Labrador Retrievers for over 20 years. I began showing in competitive obedience and 10 years ago discovered dog agility and was immediately hooked. Most of my Labs have been bench bred and have been reasonably successful, however, when I decided on a new Lab, I knew I wanted a field bred Lab. I contacted Paul Young and Deb Joseph of Limecreek Kennels. They told me they had just recently bred their male, Joey, (Joey also runs agility) to a wonderful Lab named Birdie. After lots of research and discussions with LeRoy, I decided I had to have a puppy from this breeding. I felt honored that LeRoy was willing to let one of his puppies go to primarily an agility home.

Caper has been everything I wanted and more. First and foremost, he has a wonderful temperament. He lives in the house, plays nicely with my other dogs, and loves to swim and retrieve. His athleticism and drive is amazing. He loves to train and has been getting better and better all the time. Agility is a sport where they are directed around an obstacle course, the course consisting of jumps, tunnels, weave poles, and the contact obstacles, A-frame, see-saw and dogwalk. They have to complete the course correctly and under time. Caper is focused, driven, and fast on course, and a very fast learner. He is all business on course, but you can tell he loves the sport.

He is also beginning to compete in obedience, dock diving and is in training for tracking. He recently completed his middle level titles in AKC, and will begin in the excellent level in the spring and hopefully some day complete his agility championship. He has the talent to do it. What a wonderful boy he has become.

Dee Crofton
TDK's Master of the Summit OA, OAJ, NAP, NGC


LeRoy, I have been meaning to update Caper’s 2008 accomplishments, so here goes.

New Titles:

MX (Master Standard Agility) 10 legs at the excellent level (He now had 22) and has 25 legs in excellent Jumpers with weaves

XF (Excellent title in the new distance game

MXF(Master FAST) 10 legs at the excellent level

TD (tracking dog title- I am really proud of this one , he dod a 465 yard track in 3 minutes

CL3-H (CPE games class0

Other Accomplishments:

He now had 9 Double Qs toward his MACH (Master Agility Champion)- he needs 20

He now has 549 points, he needs 750

So our goal is the MACH in 2009, I hope we can achieve it.

He is nearing titles in CPE in Level 4. We are training for the advanced level in tracking and working toward the CD in obedience and fitting in a little field work when we find the time. He loves to work and needs a job so we have a great time working together. He continues to be the love of my life and I cannot imagine life without him. He is certainly my once in a life time dog, thank you again and again for letting me have him.




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